Is Dodge discontinuing the Hemi? (2023)

As of now, there is no indication that Dodge is discontinuing the Hemi engine. The Hemi engine has been a staple of the Dodge lineup for several decades, and it is one of the most popular and recognized engines in the world.

However, there have been rumors in recent years of Dodge potentially phasing out the Hemi engine in favor of more environmentally friendly options. These rumors stem from the fact that the Hemi engine tends to be less fuel-efficient than other engines on the market.

In response to these rumors, Dodge has stated that they have no plans to discontinue the Hemi engine anytime soon. In fact, they continue to invest in research and development to improve the engine’s efficiency and performance.

Additionally, the popularity of the Hemi engine among car enthusiasts and collectors ensures that Dodge will likely continue to produce the engine for many years to come. As long as there is demand for the Hemi engine, it seems unlikely that Dodge will discontinue it.

At this time, there is no evidence to suggest that Dodge is discontinuing the Hemi engine. While there have been rumors to the contrary, Dodge has stated that they have no plans to phase out the engine and will continue to invest in it for the foreseeable future. The Hemi engine’s popularity and reputation also make it unlikely that Dodge will discontinue it anytime soon.

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Is Dodge getting rid of the 5.7 Hemi?

7 Hemi engine, but I can provide possible insights on this matter. The 5.7 Hemi engine has been a staple in Dodge’s line of vehicles, and it is highly unlikely that they would eliminate it altogether without an adequate replacement. However, recent reports suggest that Dodge may be phasing out the 5.7 Hemi engine in favor of a more environmentally friendly alternative, possibly a hybrid or an electric powertrain.

It is evident that automakers are embracing the need for sustainable and greener technologies, and Dodge has also been working towards that direction. The transition to an eco-friendlier engine would align with Dodge’s long-term plans and reduce the overall carbon footprint of the automotive industry.

Furthermore, the current pandemic has also brought changes to the automotive industry as a whole. With the global supply chain disruptions and chip shortages, companies are reevaluating their strategies to remain profitable. Dodge might have to consider cost-saving measures, and the phasing out of under-performing engines could be one of them.

Dodge has not made any official announcement regarding the 5.7 Hemi engine’s discontinuation, and it is mostly speculation at this point. Nevertheless, it is possible that Dodge may eventually phase it out and introduce new, greener technologies.

What engine will replace the 5.7 Hemi?

There has been no official announcement by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) regarding a direct successor to the 5.7-liter Hemi engine. However, with stricter emission laws and the automotive industry’s shift towards electrification, it is highly unlikely that FCA will develop another V8 gasoline engine to replace the 5.7 Hemi.

In recent years, FCA has invested heavily in hybrid and electric powertrain technology, indicating that future engines from the manufacturer will likely be electrified. This move towards electrification is in line with FCA’s commitment to reducing emissions and building more sustainable vehicles.

FCA has already introduced the eTorque system, which is a mild-hybrid powertrain that can be found on the Ram 1500 pickup truck and several other vehicles. This technology utilizes an electric motor and battery pack to assist the gasoline engine, improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.

Furthermore, FCA recently announced plans to merge with the French automaker, Groupe PSA, which will further strengthen the company’s position in the global automotive market. With Groupe PSA’s expertise in electrified powertrains, it is highly possible that FCA will develop a new engine with hybrid or electric capabilities in collaboration with the French automaker.

While there has been no official announcement regarding a direct successor to the 5.7-liter Hemi engine, it is highly unlikely that FCA will develop another V8 gasoline engine. Rather, the company’s focus on electrification suggests that future engines will likely be hybrid or electric, providing improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Are v8s getting banned?

Currently, there is no ban on V8 engines. However, there have been discussions and regulations introduced in certain countries regarding the use of V8 engines due to environmental concerns. For example, countries such as France and Germany have announced plans to ban combustion engine cars by 2040, which could potentially affect the use of V8 engines.

Additionally, some cities have already implemented low emission zones, where cars with high pollution levels, including those with V8 engines, are restricted from entering certain areas.

Moreover, automakers are also transitioning towards electric and hybrid vehicles due to changing consumer demand, stricter regulations, and advancements in technology. This move towards more sustainable transportation could potentially lead to a decrease in the production and use of V8 engines. Furthermore, there has been a trend towards downsizing engines and using turbochargers to boost performance and retain fuel efficiency.

While there is currently no ban on V8 engines, there are factors that could potentially impact their use in the future. The automotive industry is shifting towards sustainability, and regulations are becoming stricter, which could make V8 engines less prevalent in the market. However, it is important to note that this does not mean V8 engines will disappear entirely and will likely continue to be featured in high-performance sports cars and trucks.

Are HEMI engines being discontinued?

HEMI engines have been an iconic and popular engine type for Chrysler and Dodge brands over the years.

HEMI engines have a unique design that provides excellent power and performance. They have hemispherical combustion chambers that allow for efficient fuel burning and better horsepower. The design also allows for the valves to be placed at a more optimal angle, which contributes to more airflow and increased engine efficiency.

Despite numerous advancements in technology and the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, HEMI engines continue to be popular in the automotive industry. The manufacturers of HEMI engines continue to develop the engine technology to meet environmental regulations and customers’ demands. They are consistently introducing new versions of HEMI engines with enhanced performance, increased fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions.

There is no indication that HEMI engines are being discontinued anytime soon. They remain a popular choice among car enthusiasts, and the manufacturers are continuously developing their technology to improve their efficiency, power, and adaptability to changing environmental regulations.

Why are they getting rid of V8 engines?

The decision to phase out V8 engines can be attributed to a variety of factors. One reason is the push for more sustainable and eco-friendly technologies, with many automakers now pledging to go carbon-neutral in the coming decades. As V8 engines tend to have high fuel consumption and produce more emissions than smaller, more efficient engines, phasing them out is seen as an important step towards achieving these goals.

Another reason is the advancements in electric and hybrid technology. With the rise of electric vehicles, more and more consumers are looking for cars that are not only environmentally friendly, but also offer the latest cutting-edge technology. As a result, many automakers are investing heavily in developing electric and hybrid powertrains, which offer a better combination of performance, efficiency, and eco-friendliness.

Finally, there is the issue of cost. V8 engines are inherently more expensive to produce and maintain than smaller engines, due to their higher complexity and the need for larger and more durable parts. As consumers become more cost-conscious and price-sensitive, automakers are looking for ways to reduce the cost of production and offer more affordable vehicles.

Phasing out V8 engines is one way to achieve this goal, as it can help to streamline production and reduce manufacturing costs.

The phasing out of V8 engines can be seen as a response to changing consumer demands and market forces, as well as a broader push towards sustainability and innovation in the automotive industry. While there may still be a place for V8 engines in certain contexts, their days as a mainstay of the automotive industry are coming to an end.

Why are Hellcats getting discontinued?

There are a few reasons why Dodge has decided to discontinue the Hellcat models, starting with the fact that they were only ever meant to be limited-run vehicles. Dodge introduced the Hellcat engine in 2015, and it was initially intended to be a short-term offering that would create a lot of buzz around the brand.

The tremendous success of the Hellcat models, however, led to Dodge making new iterations of the cars with increasingly powerful engines, but it was never intended to be a long-term staple of the brand.

Another reason why the Hellcat models are being discontinued is that they simply don’t fit in with Dodge’s future plans. In recent years, Dodge has been embracing electrification and shifting its focus towards creating more hybrid and electric models. With this in mind, the large, gas-guzzling Hellcat engine simply doesn’t align with the direction that Dodge is heading in.

Finally, while the Hellcat models have been extremely popular, they’re also extremely expensive to produce. Between the high cost of materials and the intensive labor required to build the cars, Dodge simply can’t justify continuing to make them at the same level they have been. As a result, they’ve had to make the tough decision to discontinue the line and focus their attention and resources elsewhere.

While the discontinuation of the Hellcat models is disappointing for fans of the brand, it’s ultimately the right decision for Dodge as they look towards the future and continue to evolve their approach to building high-performance vehicles.

Is the new Hemi a true Hemi?

The new Hemi engine, also known as the Gen III Hemi, is a true Hemi in the sense that it still utilizes a hemispherical combustion chamber design. This design features two valves per cylinder that are arranged across from each other, allowing for optimal air and fuel flow into the engine.

However, there are some differences between the new Hemi and its predecessors. For example, the Gen III Hemi has a different valve arrangement and camshaft design compared to the original Hemi engines from the 1950s and 1960s. Additionally, the Gen III Hemi features modern technology such as variable valve timing and cylinder deactivation, which improves fuel efficiency and performance.

While there are some differences between the new Hemi and its predecessors, it is still considered a true Hemi due to its hemispherical combustion chamber design. The Gen III Hemi retains the iconic shape and functionality of the original Hemi engines, while incorporating modern technology and advancements to make it a more efficient and powerful engine.

Is Dodge going away from V8?

There have been rumblings in the automobile industry that Dodge might be moving away from producing V8 engines. However, there has been no official announcement from the company about their direction with regards to V8 engines.

Dodge has been a pioneer in producing high-performance V8 engines that power iconic American muscle cars like the Challenger and Charger. Their Hemi V8 engine lineup has been a cornerstone of the brand’s identity, and it has served as a selling point for their cars.

However, times are changing, and car manufacturers are under increasing pressure to meet environmental regulations and eco-friendly standards. With this in mind, many carmakers are exploring alternative engine options, including electric, hybrid, and even smaller, more efficient gas-powered engines.

Dodge has not ignored this trend; the company has already made strides in producing hybrid versions of their cars. For example, the 2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat is their first-ever hybrid muscle car and combines a potent V8 engine with electric motors.

Therefore, while the possibility of Dodge moving away from V8 engines cannot be ruled out, it’s also important to note that the company is not yet ready to abandon their iconic Hemi V8 engines altogether. Instead, they might be looking to supplement their lineup with new and innovative engine options to meet the evolving demands of the market.

While Dodge has not yet clearly communicated their direction with regards to V8 engines, the company is likely exploring alternative engine options to meet the ever-changing demands of the automotive industry. However, it’s also fair to say that their Hemi V8 engines have been a cornerstone of the brand’s identity, and it’s unlikely that they will disappear entirely.

Will Ram update the Hemi?

Ram has been making constant improvements and updates to their full-size pickup truck models over the years to stay competitive in the market. The Hemi engine has long been a staple of the Ram pickup lineup for its impressive power and performance capabilities. So, the question of whether Ram will update the Hemi engine is a valid one.

To understand whether Ram will update the Hemi engine, we need to take a closer look at Ram’s recent developments and future plans. Ram has been focused on expanding its model lineup with new trims, including the recently released Ram TRX and the upcoming Ram 1500 Limited Longhorn 10th Anniversary Edition.

These models feature the Hemi engine, indicating that Ram still sees a future in this powertrain.

However, there are also rumors that Ram is working on a new turbocharged six-cylinder engine that could potentially replace the Hemi in some models. This engine would provide comparable performance with improved fuel efficiency, which is becoming increasingly important for automakers as emissions regulations become stricter.

Furthermore, Ram is known for its innovative eTorque technology, which is a mild hybrid system that is currently available on some Ram models. It’s possible that Ram could incorporate this technology into the Hemi engine to improve its fuel efficiency and performance even further.

Whether Ram will update the Hemi engine remains to be seen, but it seems likely that Ram will continue to make improvements to this iconic powertrain while also exploring new options for the future. With the recent release of new trims and advancements in hybrid technology, Ram is poised to remain a major player in the full-size pickup truck market for years to come.

What Dodge models are being discontinued?

Recently, Dodge has publicly announced that they will discontinue the production of the Grand Caravan and Journey models in order to focus on producing more performance-oriented vehicles. The Grand Caravan, which has been in production for over 30 years, will officially cease production in May of 2020.

The Journey model, which was first introduced in 2009, will be discontinued after the 2020 model year. While these models have been popular and beloved by many, Dodge has chosen to shift their focus towards producing more high-performance vehicles such as the Challenger, Charger, and Durango models.

While it is always sad to see a beloved model discontinued, Dodge has made this strategic decision in order to better align with their overall mission and vision. By focusing on producing more performance-oriented vehicles, Dodge hopes to continue to capture the hearts of car enthusiasts and make a significant impact in the automotive industry.

Additionally, the discontinuation of these models will allow Dodge to free up resources and production capacity to invest in new and innovative vehicles that are more in line with their future goals.

While the discontinuation of the Grand Caravan and Journey models may be disheartening to some fans, it is ultimately a strategic move by Dodge in order to better align with their vision and goals for the future of their brand. As always, Dodge continues to strive to produce high-quality and performance-oriented vehicles that capture the attention of car enthusiasts around the world.

Is Ram coming out with a new engine?

They have a reputation for delivering dependable, powerful, and fuel-efficient engines that can handle almost any job.

Ram has also been actively seeking innovative ways to improve fuel efficiency and emissions control in its engines. For example, they have introduced EcoDiesel technology in their engines, which allows for more efficient use of diesel fuel while reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Considering their history, it would not be surprising if Ram is working on new engines that incorporate the latest technology to deliver better performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions control. However, as an AI language model assistant, I cannot confirm or deny the existence of a new engine being developed by Ram.

It would be best to consult an official spokesperson from the company or reputable sources within the automotive industry to get the latest information on Ram’s engine development activities.

What engine is Dodge replacing?

As of August 2021, Dodge has not officially announced any plans to replace any of their current engines. However, there have been rumors circulating in the automotive industry about the possibility of Dodge replacing their current HEMI V8 engine lineup with a newer, more advanced engine.

Dodge’s famous HEMI V8 engines have been a cornerstone of the brand’s performance cars for decades, providing exceptional power and performance that has earned them a loyal following among muscle car enthusiasts. However, in recent years, the automotive industry has seen a shift towards smaller, more efficient engines that still pack a punch.

To keep up with this trend, many automakers have begun developing hybrid or electric engines that can deliver comparable power and performance while also reducing emissions and improving fuel economy. There is speculation that Dodge may follow suit and introduce a new hybrid or electric engine in their future models to meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations.

Alternatively, Dodge may also choose to update their current HEMI V8 engine lineup with new technology, such as direct injection or cylinder deactivation, to improve fuel efficiency without sacrificing power. Whatever the case may be, it is clear that Dodge will need to continue innovating and adapting their engines to meet the changing demands of the industry and their customers.

Is the Hemi being replaced?

The answer to this question is not entirely straightforward. The Hemi engine, which is a type of V8 engine with hemispherical combustion chambers, has been a staple of Chrysler’s lineup for decades. The engine was first introduced in the 1950s and has since been used in a wide range of vehicles, including the Dodge Charger, Challenger, and Ram pickup trucks.

Despite its longevity and popularity among enthusiasts, there have been some rumors that the Hemi engine might be on its way out. One reason for this speculation is the fact that many automakers are shifting towards smaller, more efficient engines to meet increasingly stringent fuel economy and emissions standards.

However, there has been no official announcement from Chrysler or its parent company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, that the Hemi engine will be discontinued. In fact, the company has continued to invest in updates and improvements to the engine, such as the introduction of a variable valve timing system and cylinder deactivation technology to improve fuel efficiency.

Additionally, the Hemi engine remains an important part of Chrysler’s brand identity, particularly in the performance and muscle car markets. As long as there is demand for high-performance V8 engines, it seems likely that the Hemi will remain a key part of Chrysler’s lineup.

While there have been rumors that the Hemi engine might be phased out, there has been no official confirmation of this, and the engine remains an important part of Chrysler’s lineup and brand identity.

Is the 5.7 Hemi going away?

The future of the 5.7 Hemi engine remains unclear, but there have been no official announcements about its discontinuation. Some rumors have suggested that the 5.7 Hemi could be phased out in favor of newer, more efficient engines, but many experts believe that this is unlikely in the near future.

There are several reasons why the 5.7 Hemi is likely to stick around for a while longer. For one, it is a highly popular engine option for several Chrysler vehicles, including the Dodge Ram 1500, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Chrysler 300. Its combination of power, durability, and efficiency make it an ideal choice for many drivers who need a versatile and reliable engine.

In addition, Chrysler has invested heavily in the development of the Hemi engine, including the 5.7 iteration. The company is unlikely to abandon such a significant investment in the short term, especially since the 5.7 Hemi has been so successful in the marketplace.

That being said, Chrysler is also working on new engine options that could potentially replace the 5.7 Hemi in the future. These engines may offer improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and other key features that could make them more appealing to customers. However, it is important to note that any such changes would likely be gradual and phased in over time, rather than an abrupt discontinuation of the 5.7 Hemi.

While it is impossible to predict the future of any individual engine model, the 5.7 Hemi seems likely to stick around for the foreseeable future. Its popularity, versatility, and strong performance make it a valuable asset to Chrysler’s product lineup, and the company has shown no signs of abandoning it anytime soon.


Is Dodge getting rid of the 5.7 Hemi? ›

5.7-Liter Hemi V8

The Hemi V8 will continue to be the Ram Truck engine of choice for all 2023 models. This is of course until the new Hurricane engine, with higher horsepower and torque, replaces the Hemi V8 starting in 2024.

Why is Ram discontinuing the Hemi? ›

Why is Dodge discontinuing the Hemi V8? Dodge is pulling not only its 5.7L Hemi but the 6.4L Apache and supercharged 6.2L Hellcat V8 from its duo of cars. The loss of the Mopar motors is a direct result of the push for efficient propulsion and alternative energy, like battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

Is Dodge really getting rid of the V8? ›

The seventh and final Last Call edition of the Dodge Challenger and Charger muscle cars will be revealed on March 20, 2023 at an event on a Las Vegas drag strip. Along with the end of the V8 era, the event will also celebrate the start of Dodge's new electrified era of performance.

Will Dodge make a Hemi in 2024? ›

Though Dodge is killing off the 5.7-liter and 6.4-liter Hemi V8s in its Challenger and Charger models, there is one more model you will still be able to get. At least through 2024. Dodge has been advertising its “Last Call” models of the Challenger and Charger as a sendoff for the storied Hemi engine.

What years to avoid for the 5.7 Hemi? ›

Here are the Dodge RAM 1500 years to avoid: 2003, 2010-2013 (5.7-liter V8), 2014, 2015, 2016. But just like the years from above, something well-maintained might offer you something worth buying; just know what you're getting yourself into.

Is the new Hemi a true Hemi? ›

Unlike the classic Hemi, the new Hemi has part of the bowl shape filled in near the spark plugs. According to Chrysler, these filled areas aid the flow of gasses into and out of the head. And these areas make the new Hemi's shape much less hemispherical than the original's.

What is replacing the Hemi? ›

But the new inline-six is real and it's coming soon. Today Stellantis showed off some of the technical details behind these new engines, including power output and gave them a name - Hurricane. There will actually be two different Hurricane inline-six engines, both displacing 3.0 liters and fed by two turbochargers.

Why do Ram trucks not say Dodge anymore? ›

The Dodge Ram lineup was revitalized again in 1981 where it continued under this moniker until 2009. Under the ownership of FCA it was decided that the two brands should be separate entities. The separation of Dodge from Ram allowed Dodge to focus on technological advancements in their sedans and muscle cars.

Why is Dodge discontinuing muscle cars? ›

The principal reason is Dodge's commitment to the electric vehicle market. Dodge's parent company, Stellantis, is investing $99 million in manufacturing plants for electric engines and batteries. Given rising gas prices and climate change concerns, this is a move other car manufacturers are pursuing as well.

Is Dodge getting rid of all gas engines? ›

Next year's 2023 gas-powered models will be the final ones for Dodge Chargers and Dodge Challengers. These muscle cars will cease production in December 2023. “The days of an iron block supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 are numbered,” says Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis.

Why are they getting rid of V8 engines? ›

Since at least the first fuel crisis in 1973, prognosticators and industry analysts have been predicting the end of the V8 engine, either due to its fuel economy, emissions, or any other number of factors.

Are v8s disappearing? ›

The V8 engine is likely on its way out of existence, as many countries move to implement regulations that could make new gas-powered vehicles illegal as early as 2030. In the meantime, fuel economy regulations are getting continuously stricter, which also takes a toll on the notoriously not-so-efficient V8.

Will the 2023 Ram have a Hemi? ›


With the TorqueFlite® 8 Eight-Speed Automatic Transmission. The available 5.7L HEMI V8 engine with the eTorque Mild Hybrid Technology System blends performance-enhancing and efficient technologies with the addition of an available 130 pound-feet of supplemental torque.

Will the 5.7 Hemi be available in 2023? ›

5.7-liter HEMI V8

Eventually, the upcoming Hurricane engine will replace the HEMI with similar figures–although both horsepower and mileage will see an increase. For 2023, buyers can expect 400 horsepower and 410 lb-ft of torque from the 5.7-liter HEMI V8.

What is Dodge getting rid of in 2023? ›

The 2023 model year will be the last for the current generation of the Dodge Challenger and Charger, but brand boss Tim Kuniskis is making sure that these legendary muscle cars do not go quietly into the night.

When was the last real Hemi made? ›

1971 Was The End Of The 426 Hemi On The Streets

The most significant sales figures were put up when a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda with the 426 Hemi was put up for auction. Even today, these cars are sought after by classic muscle car lovers and collectors.

When was the last true Hemi engine made? ›

The Hemi was dropped from regular production in 1971 because of concerns about emissions and fuel consumption.

Which RAM engine is most reliable? ›

The Hemi family is legendary for its dependability very dependable. However, it's the 5.7L Hemi that stands out as the most reliable Ram Truck Engine Option. Even the no-compromise Hellcat Hemis are solid, going 100,000 miles or more without issue.

What is the disadvantage of Hemi engine? ›

Drawbacks of the HEMI design

The biggest flaw with the HEMI engine is that it can only have two valves per cylinder. The top of the chamber is round, so it doesn't have a lot of space to fit more than a few valves. Additionally, these valves won't be able to produce as much airflow as a four-cylinder engine.

Do all Hemis have 16 plugs? ›

All modern Chrysler Hemi engines use two spark plugs per cylinder for a total of 16 spark plugs. This includes engines built in 2003 and later, ranging from the 5.7 liter to the 6.2 liter Hellcat engine.

Why are Hemi so expensive? ›

Top Dogs. Hemi cars are expensive now because they were expensive then. The same holds true for their rarity, especially when talking about Hemi convertibles. Only a handful of people wanted them new, and just as few can actually own an original one now.

What does Hemi stand for? ›

The word "hemi" is a shortening of the word "hemispherical," and as it relates to engines, means a type of engine that has a hemispherically shaped combustion chamber. It's the same thing that is meant in geography when referencing the Earth, which is split into two hemispheres, north and south.

Is Hemi or non Hemi better? ›

The main differences between the Predator 212 hemi vs non-hemi, is that the hemi version features a hemispherical chamber and piston head design that slightly increases the output and the top speed of the engine by about 2 – 3%.

What cars are Dodge getting rid of? ›

Dodge has opened the order books on its "Last Call" sale for the Challenger and Charger models. The coupe and sedan are scheduled to be discontinued at the end of the 2023 model year.

Is Dodge discontinuing the muscle cars? ›

Finally, Dodge confirmed that 2023 would see the last Challenger and Charger models in their current ICE-powered iterations. The automaker is bidding farewell to the beloved muscle cars with a fitting tribute: "Last Call" plaques underneath the hoods. This series of events has raised many questions for enthusiasts.

What cars are Dodge retiring? ›

An EV Is Coming Next. Chrysler/Dodge parent Stellantis said it is retiring the gasoline-powered versions of its iconic Charger and Challenger muscle cars, but announced one final lineup of gas-fueled models for 2023.

Will gas cars go away? ›

Last month, California regulators passed rules banning the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035, a move hailed as a significant victory in the fight against climate change.

Will Dodge still make crate engines? ›

November 1, 2022 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - Dodge is introducing new supercharged and turbocharged muscle to boost the brand's growing Direct Connection performance parts lineup, announcing today two new series of crate engines for the street and strip: the Hellephant and HurriCrate series of engines.

Is Dodge getting rid of Cummins? ›

Ram will stop offering a diesel engine in its popular Ram 1500 truck after January of 2023. The announcement doesn't affect Ram Heavy Duty trucks. A Ram spokesperson confirms to us that the 6.7-liter Cummins Turbo Diesel option on the Ram 2500 and 3500 isn't going away.

Will V8s make a comeback? ›

After being morphed into Super3 and running alongside Super2 since 2020, the V8 Touring Cars series is making a comeback in 2023 following a restructure in the Supercars pathway and will run independently of Super3, with a unique calendar and media package.

Is there anything better than a V8 engine? ›

In comparison to a four-cylinder engine, V6 engines offer more power and run smoother. Fuel economy is one of the biggest benefits of adopting a V6 engine. Lastly, V6 engines can provide more stability and better handling than their V8 counterparts.

What is better than a V8 engine? ›

Advantages of a V6 engine

The smaller size of the V6 engine allows it to consume less fuel than a V8 engine or other larger engines.

Is Chevy killing the V8? ›

Chevrolet announced Wednesday that production of the Camaro will end in January of next year. The move follows Dodge's plan to discontinue the Challenger at the end of 2023 and replace its V8 muscle car models with a vehicle based on the all-electric Charger Daytona SRT concept.

What is the most powerful V8 engine ever made? ›

Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z06

For that price, you get a new 5.5L naturally aspirated V8 that generates a whopping 670 horsepower making it the most powerful V8 engine ever fitted to a production car.

Is Ford phasing out V8 engines? ›

With three stout V8 engines in the Ford lineup, 8-cylinder fans have plenty to choose from. And despite current trends, V8 engines aren't going away anytime soon, according to Ford.

Will the Ram 1500 get the Hurricane engine? ›

The 2025 Ram 1500 pick-up is set to be offered with the twin-turbocharged 'Hurricane' six-cylinder engine as part of its next scheduled facelift, according to leaked documents out of the US.

How many miles per gallon does a 2023 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi get? ›

Yet how many miles per gallon does the 2023 RAM 1500 get and is the RAM 1500 good on gas? CDJR of Albertville has taken a look at the 2023 RAM 1500 MPG to see what it can provide. Able to reach 22 MPG city and 32 MPG highway, it's ideal for driving to work or taking a trip to Guntersville.

What is the difference between the 5.7 Hemi and the 5.7 eTorque? ›

The 5.7-liter HEMI provides 395 hp and 410 ft-lbs through an excellent 8-speed transmission. The eTorque system ($2,295) adds 16 hp and 130 lb-ft of torque, which really helps with fuel economy but only if you have a light right foot.

How much horsepower does a 2023 5.7 Hemi have? ›

Put the 2023 Ram 1500 Classic to work. When equipped with the available 5.7L HEMI® V8 engine, it can tackle the toughest jobs with a massive 1,810-pound maximum payload and 395 horsepower.

Will the Hemi Orange package be available in 2023? ›

To those that live and breathe horsepower—an homage to the master. Add the available HEMI® Orange Package to the 2023 Dodge Challenger for a streamline of orange accents like no other.

What is the difference between the Hemi and the Hurricane engine? ›

The main difference between this engine option and the 3.0L Hurricane Twin-Turbo I-6 is the fuel efficiency it provides. The V8 HEMI® can provide a lot of power, but has a lower fuel economy in the process, whereas the Hurricane gives you the power you want and improves your fuel economy.

Is Dodge Hemi going away? ›

The Hellcat engine, along with the Hemi V-8 in general, will be all but gone after 2023.

Is Dodge getting rid of V8? ›

The seventh and final Last Call edition of the Dodge Challenger and Charger muscle cars will be revealed on March 20, 2023 at an event on a Las Vegas drag strip. Along with the end of the V8 era, the event will also celebrate the start of Dodge's new electrified era of performance.

What is Dodge coming out with in 2024? ›

Will the Mopar faithful accept an electric muscle car? The top Banshee model, with its 800-volt architecture and 126-decibel 'exhaust,' may convince them.

Is Dodge discontinuing the Ram? ›

While both are still produced by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Group (FCA), they split up so both branches can focus on their respective traits. So is RAM Dodge? While they are produced by the same parent company, RAM and Dodge are now separate brands.

Is Dodge being phased out? ›

Technically, the Challenger isn't going away; it's undergoing massive changes after the 2023 models. Dodge has announced that they will stop production on all Hemi-powered muscle cars in 2024 and introduce an electric car to their muscle car lineup.

Is the 5.7 Hemi that bad? ›

Although it's no Toyota by any stretch of the imagination, drivers have clocked more than 150,000 miles without much trouble. There are plenty of high-mileage Hemi V8s available for sale. The Hemi family is generally very dependable. However, it's the 5.7L Hemi that stands out as the most reliable.

Is Dodge getting rid of gas engines? ›

Dodge will be discontinuing two of its most popular gas-powered cars. Next year's 2023 gas-powered models will be the final ones for Dodge Chargers and Dodge Challengers. These muscle cars will cease production in December 2023.

What will the next Dodge muscle car be? ›

The last gas-powered muscle car from Dodge isn't leaving the road without some squeals, thunder and crazy-fast speed. The 2023 Challenger SRT Demon 170 will deliver 1,025 horsepower from its 6.2-liter supercharged V-8, and the automaker says it will be the quickest production car made.

Is Ram dropping Cummins? ›

Ram will stop offering a diesel engine in its popular Ram 1500 truck after January of 2023. The announcement doesn't affect Ram Heavy Duty trucks. A Ram spokesperson confirms to us that the 6.7-liter Cummins Turbo Diesel option on the Ram 2500 and 3500 isn't going away.

Is Dodge doing away with muscle cars? ›

Dodge says goodbye to gas-powered muscle cars with a $96,666 Challenger boasting outrageous horsepower and 'horrible' fuel economy. Dodge is discontinuing the Challenger muscle car at the end of 2023. It's sending off the iconic car with an outrageously quick and powerful special-edition model.

What will happen to Dodge in 2023? ›

For 2023, Dodge bids farewell to two of its iconic muscle cars—the Charger and Challenger. The domestic performance car brand is issuing a series of “Last Call” special-edition models to commemorate the end of an era.

What is the big deal about a Hemi engine? ›

What is so special about a Hemi engine? The Hemi engine's unique design, which features less surface area, results in less heat loss. This means the engine's peak pressure can be higher, which can result in better efficiency. Additionally, larger valves mean it's easier for air to flow through a Hemi engine.


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