22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (2023)

Looking for a small addition to a new or existing freshwater aquarium? We have the best of the small aquarium fish species for your tank. All of these fish grow to less than 3 inches, but note that many of these species do best when kept in a small school of a minimum of 3 to 5 individuals.

Before adding new fish species, do your research thoroughly to make sure the required environmental parameters of the new fish species match the existing conditions in your aquarium and that all the fish are compatible. All new fish should be quarantined in a separate tank with separate equipment for 4 to 6 weeks to prevent the introduction of disease.

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    Mickey Mouse Platy

    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (1)

    Platys are colorful, live-bearing fish that are very suitable for beginners. Since they are live-bearing fish, many hobbyists start out with only a few fish—which can quickly multiply into many fish. The Mickey Mouse Platy is named for a very specific color pattern formed in the tail peduncle.

    Other Platys include the Red Wagtail, Wagtail, and many more

    Species Overview

    Common Names:Golden moon platy, mickey mouse platy, moonfish

    Scientific Name:Xiphophorus maculatus

    Adult Size:1 1/2 to 2 inches (3 1/2 to 5 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:5 years

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    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (2)

    Guppies are a cornerstone of the small fish aquarium hobby. Another live-bearing species, guppy tanks are often overrun with offspring from frequent breeding. The best skill any guppy owner can learn is to tell the difference between males and females to keep populations from exploding. The males are smaller and more colorful fish, the larger females can have a colorful tail fin, but the body is plain with a large white belly.

    Species Overview

    Common Name: Guppy

    Scientific Name:Poecilia reticulata

    Adult Size:2 inches (5 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:3 to 5 years

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    Zebra danio (Zebrafish)

    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (3)

    These small, striped fish are one of the few in the aquarium hobby that don't require warm tropical temperatures. Zebrafish are peaceful, community players that love schooling in groups of 5 or more fish. There are multiple Danio species available in the pet market with a variety of colors and markings. There is a long fin variety of zebra danio, and it is also available in glow colors that were developed by adding fluorescent genes into the fish.

    Species Overview

    Common Names: Striped danio, zebra danio, zebrafish

    Scientific Name:Danio rerio

    Adult Size:2 inches (5 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:5 years

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    Neon Tetra

    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (4)

    One of the most common small freshwater aquarium species is the Neon Tetra. These fish are known for their colorful appearance with bright red and blue stripes. They are great community fish and school together in a vibrant wave.

    The Cardinal Tetra is another, very similar species. They are distinguishable from the more common Neon Tetra by their longer red belly bar that extends all the way to the head. The Black Neon Tetra is a similar species with black and gold bars instead of red and blue colors.

    Species Overview

    Common Names: Neon tetra, neon fish

    Scientific Name:Paracheirodon innesi

    Adult Size:1 1/2 inches (4 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:5 years

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    White Cloud Mountain Minnow

    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (5)

    The White Cloud Mountain Minnow is another species of small community fish that does not require warm tropical temperatures. These fish do well in temperate tanks with Zebrafish and goldfish, provided they are not snack size. These fish are commonly added to aquascape setups where focus is put on the plants, not necessarily the fish, and just a school of one species of fish is added into the aquarium.

    Species Overview

    Common Names: Canton danio, Chinese danio, white cloud, white cloud mountain fish, white cloud mountain minnow

    Scientific Name: Tanichthys albonubes

    Adult Size:1 1/2 inches (4 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:3 to 5 years

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    Harlequin Rasbora

    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (6)

    The Harlequin Rasbora is a small, schooling fish with a vibrant ruby coloration, contrasted with a black marking on the back half of its body, giving it the two-toned 'harlequin' appearance. These peaceful fish add a bright splash of color to planted or aquascaped tanks. There are many species of Rasbora that stay small and do well in community aquariums.

    Species Overview

    Common Name: Harlequin rasbora, Red rasbora

    Scientific Name:Trigonostigma heteromorpha

    Adult Size:1 3/4 inches (4 1/2 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:6 years

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    Serpae Tetra

    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (7)

    The Serpae Tetra is a smaller fish with a big personality. These bright red schooling fish with black spots on the body and fins provide color to natural aquascapes with lots of aquatic plants. These fish are very active, and have the habit of biting fins of their friends and tankmates. There is a longfin variety of this fish species that is sometimes available at fish stores.

    Species Overview

    Common Names: Blood characin, callistus tetra, jewel tetra, red minor tetra, red serpae, serpae tetra

    Scientific Name:Hyphessobrycon eques

    Adult Size:1 3/4 inches (4 1/2 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:5 years

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    Panda Corydoras

    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (8)

    The Panda Corydoras is a common Corydoras species seen in the pet trade. These catfish have white or translucent bodies with contrasting black spots on the head and tail base, giving them their panda-esque coloration.

    There are multiple species of Corydoras catfish with similar, peaceful temperaments. The main differences between these species are their colors and markings. All Corydoras are small, peaceful, bottom-dwelling, nocturnal fish species.

    Species Overview

    Common Names: Panda catfish, panda cory, panda corydoras

    Scientific Name:Corydoras panda

    Adult Size:2 inches (5 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:10 years

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    Glowlight Tetra

    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (9)

    The Glowlight Tetra is not to be confused with GloFish species. Their coloration comes from natural color patterns and has not been genetically engineered. They are a peaceful schooling tetra that is easy to care for. The translucent, silvery body of the glowlight tetra is divided by an iridescent red-gold stripe running from snout to tail.

    Species Overview

    Common Names: Glowlight tetra, glolight, fire neon

    Scientific Name:Hemigrammus erythrozonus

    Adult Size:1 1/2 inches (4 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:5 years

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    Pea Puffer

    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (10)

    A newer addition to the aquarium hobby, the Pea Puffer is a small but mighty member of the pufferfish family. Don't let their small size trick you! These small fish can be aggressive, even against their own kind. They are usually kept by themselves in a heavily planted aquarium of at least five gallons, or two to three can be kept in a ten gallon aquarium. If keeping them with other fish, those should be small but fast swimming, non-aggressive species.

    The Pea Puffer is not recommended for beginner hobbyists. Proper diet and environment is key in long-term survival of these fish. They are carnivores, so do well on a diet of frozen blood worms, brine shrimp and other meaty foods, and may eat small fish food pellets.

    Species Overview

    Common Names: Pea Puffer, Dwarf Puffer, Bumblebee Puffer, Malabar Puffer, Pygmy Puffer

    Scientific Name:Carinotetraodon travancoricus

    Adult Size:1 to 1 1/2 inches (3-4 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:4 years

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    Tiger Barb

    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (11)

    The Tiger Barb is an easy fish to take care of, but they do not play well in community tanks. Be sure they are in a tank with more aggressive fish and have lots of room to swim. They do better when kept in a school of six or more tiger barbs.

    There are several color variations available, including green and albino. There is a longfin variety that is sometimes available at fish stores, as well as a fluorescent GloFish tiger barb.

    Species Overview

    Common Names: Tiger barb, sumatra barb, and partbelt barb

    Scientific Name:Barbus tetrazona

    Adult Size:3 inches (7 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:6 years

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    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (12)

    Named for the elongated extension of the caudal fin in males, the Swordtail is another live bearer fish that can quickly overpopulate a small aquarium. There are many color varieties of Swordtail available in the pet fish market. They are peaceful fish, larger than most other livebearers. The females are as colorful as the males, but don't have the sword extension on their tail fin.

    Species Overview

    Common Name: Swordtail

    Scientific Name:Xiphophorus helleri

    Adult Size:3 to 4 inches (7-10 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:3 to 5 years

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    German Blue Ram

    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (13)

    There are many species within the Cichlid family, but relatively few that stay small in size and can be kept in a community aquarium. The German Blue Ram is one such species, but are not recommended for beginners given their strict water quality and habitat requirements. They are a beautiful addition to planted aquariums with warm, acidic water conditions.

    Species Overview

    Common Names: German Blue Ram, Ram Chiclid, German Blue

    Scientific Name:Mikrogeophagus ramirezi

    Adult Size:2 to 3 inches (5-7 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:3-5 years

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    Buenos Aires Tetra

    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (14)

    The Buenos Aires Tetra is making a comeback in the aquarium hobby. Once known as voracious plant eaters, these colorful fish are being seen more in heavily planted tanks, where plant food is plentiful. These community fish are easy to care for and can tolerate many beginner mistakes.

    Species Overview

    Common Names: Buenos Aires tetra, diamond spot characin, red cross fish

    Scientific Name:Hyphessobrycon anisitsi

    Adult Size:2 3/4 inches (7 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:5 years

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    Dwarf Gourami

    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (15)

    Of the many gourami species, there are few that stay small. Most gouramis are medium-sized fish, but the Dwarf Gourami, as the name suggests, tops out at only 2 inches. Like other gouramis, these intermediate-level fishes have specific environmental requirements for successful lives. The dwarf gourami can be kept in a community aquarium with other small peaceful fish species. The male has the brilliant red and blue bands, and the female has more subdued coloration. There are several color varieties of this species, such as the powder blue dwarf gourami, which is all blue and has no red bands.

    Species Overview

    Common Names: Dwarf gourami, flame gourami, powder blue gourami, red gourami, sunset gourami

    Scientific Name:Trichogaster Ialius

    Adult Size:2 inches (5 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:4 years

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    Gold (Chinese) Barb

    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (16)

    Although this fish is green in the wild, it has been captively bred to show brilliant golden coloration. There are a few other colors that have subsequently been bred, including an albino and a tricolor variation. These active fish play well in community tanks but do prefer slightly less than tropical temperatures.

    Gold barbs are schooling fish and should be kept in groups of six or more. Their peaceful nature makes them an excellent choice for community aquariums with tetras, danios, and other small barbs.

    Species Overview

    Common Names: China barb, Chinese barb, Chinese half-striped barb, gold barb, green barb, half banded barb, half-stripes barb, Schubert's barb, six-banded banded barb

    Scientific Name:Puntius semifasciolatus

    Adult Size:3 inches (7 1/2 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:5 years

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    Betta Fish

    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (17)

    Betta fish are one of the most common pet fish species. Given their aggressive nature, male bettas must be kept away from other male bettas. However, one male betta can be kept in a community aquarium with fast swimming, non-aggressive fish species. Usually several females can be kept together in an aquarium with other fish species, but sometimes even female bettas may fight each other. The male and female should only be together when breeding, then the female removed, or the male will bully her and can cause damage. Betta fish come in a rainbow variety of colors and tail shapes.

    Species Overview

    Common Names: Betta, siamese fighting fish

    Scientific Name:Betta splendens

    Adult Size:3 inches (7 1/2 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:2 to 3 years

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    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (18)

    Looking for a more challenging and rare small fish species? Hatchetfish have a very unique, compressed body shape, known for flying over the top of the water using their wing-like fins. These fish are not for beginners, since they have very specific tank requirements. They will leap out of the water if frightened, so the aquarium must have a secure and tight fitting lid to keep the fish from flying out of the tank.

    Species Overview

    Common Name: Marbled hatchetfish

    Scientific Name:Carnegiella strigata

    Adult Size:1 to 2 inches(3-5 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:5 years

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    Congo Tetra

    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (19)

    The Congo Tetra pushes the maximum length of the small fish category, but these schooling fish are a rainbow addition to many tanks. They are peaceful aquarium fish, with males having longer fins than females.

    Species Overview

    Common Name: Congo Tetra

    Scientific Name:Phenacogrammus interruptus

    Adult Size:3 to 3 1/2 inches (7-9 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:3 to 5 years

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    Beacon Fish

    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (20)

    The Beacon fish is another member of the tetra family. Also known as the Head and Tail light tetra, this fish has distinctive copper spots that resemble lights on a vehicle. One is located at the base of the tail and the other is above the eye. These fish do best in lower lighting with lots of plant cover.

    Species Overview

    Common Names: Beacon fish, beacon tetra, head and tail light tetra

    Scientific Name:Hemigrammus ocellifer

    Adult Size:2 inches (5 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:5 years

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    Black Phantom Tetra

    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (21)

    Rather than bright colors, the Black Phantom Tetra is known for its darker appearance with elongated dorsal fin. The black phantom tetra gets its name from its "eye patch" behind the gills as if a phantom is peering back at you, but don't worry, despite its name, it is a peaceful schooling fish. These fish make a great contrast with other colorful tetra species, that will typically all school together.

    Species Overview

    Common Names: Black phantom tetra, phantom tetra

    Scientific Name:Hyphessobrycon megalopterus

    Adult Size:1 3/4 inches (4 1/2 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:5 years

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    Black Ruby Barb

    22 Small Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium (22)

    Also known as the Purple-Headed Barb, the Black Ruby Barb has a distinct deep red coloration not commonly seen in other aquarium fishes. With a similar body shape as the Tiger Barb (listed above), these fish start with a pale yellow body that deepens with maturity. Adult males are noticeably smaller, slimmer, and more colorful than females.

    Species Overview

    Common Names: Purple-headed barb, purplehead barb, ruby barb, black barb

    Scientific Name:Pethia nigrofasciata

    Adult Size:2-3 inches (5-7 centimeters)

    Life Expectancy:5 years

Small fish may have small bodies, but that doesn't mean they need a small tank! Some small species have larger tank requirements due to territoriality or the need to be kept in schools. Before adding any new fish to an existing aquarium, do your research to make sure everyone will get along and have the correct water quality requirements, including temperature.


  • How many fish can you keep in one aquarium?

    Depends on the fish and the size of the tank. However, the basic math is 1-inch of fish to one to two gallons of water.

  • How do I take care of fish in an aquarium?

    The best way to take take of your new aquarium is maintain the aquarium: keep an eye on water conditions, including checking pH levels and temperature; make sure the tank is properly cleaned monthly. Then, make sure the fish you add are properly acclimated, and that you watch your fish closely to be sure they are thriving.

  • How do you feed fish in an aquarium?

    Most fish thrive on two feedings a day, morning and night. The fish will see you approach the aquarium with the food in your hands and swim to the surface. But before this, you need to know what to feed the fish you have, and that's where the salespeople people where you bought your aquarium can be a great resource for you: there are fish flakes, fish pellets, fish tablets, and fresh food. Make sure you have the right food for the breeds in your tank.

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What are the smallest aquarium fishes? ›

Chili Rasbora

As one of the smallest fish on our list, they grow up to 0.8 inch (2 cm) in length with a very slender profile. Because of their petite size, they look better if you get at least 10 brigittae rasboras in a school and put them against a lush green background of plants.

What types of freshwater fish are most often found in aquariums? ›

Tetras are the most popular freshwater fish for aquariums, and with good reason. They come in many colors—black, silver, gold, and neon hues. Just contrast the Congo tetra and the black skirt tetra. In addition to that, they're also pretty easy to take care of.

What is the smallest aquarium fish by size? ›

The Dwarf Rasbora is the smallest schooling nano fish for home aquariums. With a full size of 0.75 inches or 1.9 cm per specimen, these fish can comfortably school in a tiny 5-gallon tank.

How many small fish can keep in a tank? ›

You can fit about 5-10 small fish, depending on their size.

As you get better at keeping fish and your tank has matured into a thriving environment that you've managed to keep clean and healthy, you can add up to 20 small fish as long as your tank can handle it.

What is the smartest small fish? ›

Guppy Fish

Not only can guppies survive in many different types of water conditions, but they are also one of the smartest fish you can keep as a pet. According to a study published in Current Biology, guppies have a rudimentary ability to count!

What is the hardiest small fish? ›

Zebra danios, Danio rerio, are just about the hardiest tropical fish you'll ever keep. They don't mind if the water is hard or soft, still or flowing, warm or unheated, and they are the single best fish for new fishkeepers and new aquariums.

What is the easiest fish to keep alive? ›

Some of the easiest fish to take care of include white cloud minnows, cherry barbs, goldfish, guppies, neon tetras, and cory catfish. All of these species are relatively peaceful, non-demanding fish that do well in a beginning fish tank.

What is the prettiest fish for a tank? ›

Nine of the World's Most Gorgeous Fish
  • Clownfish. Clownfish in the Andaman Coral Reef. ...
  • Mandarinfish. This stunning fish has so many tiny, beautiful details that you can't take it all in when you first look at it. ...
  • Clown Triggerfish. Clown Triggerfish. ...
  • Betta Fish. ...
  • Lionfish. ...
  • Butterflyfish. ...
  • Angelfish. ...
  • Seahorse.
Mar 30, 2022

What is the smartest fish? ›

For fish, that title goes to manta rays. They're giant, charismatic and basically geniuses. Mantas have huge brains — the biggest of any fish — with especially developed areas for learning, problem solving and communicating.

What fish go good together in a tank? ›

Recommended Freshwater Aquarium Fish Combinations: 1) Apistogramma Dwarf Cichlid and Green Neon Tetra. 2) African Cichlids and Synodontis Catfish. 3) Rainbow Shark and Tiger Barbs.

What fish can live in 1 gallon tank? ›

Neon Tetras

Tetras are also a great choice for your 1-gallon aquarium. These fish fare well in small schools and are extremely adaptable in wild. They are small species that can grow 1 inch long and do not need extensive care. However, due to their hypersensitivity to different parameters, they are difficult to keep.

What is a small freshwater fish crossword clue? ›

6 Letters: MINNOW.

What is the 2 smallest fish? ›

The #2 Smallest fish in the world: Stout infantfish

Since even the smallest measurement of 6.5 millimeters is larger than 6.2 millimeters, regardless of the female size, we are putting the Stout infantfish at number two.

What fish are small fish? ›

Small species, such as anchovies, sardines, herring and mackerel, are some of the best choices to keep both your body and the ocean happy. Yet these fish barely don't rank on the popularity scale. People often associate anchovies and other small fish with a pungent, fishy smell, and that's true sometimes.

What is the smallest fish in USA? ›

H. formosa is one of the smallest fish species; the 1991 Baensch Aquarium Atlas listed it as the 7th smallest fish in the world, and as of 2006 it remains the smallest fish species found in North America.

How many fish is lucky in small aquarium? ›

Number Combinations

The number 9 is considered ideal, so if you have room, have 9 fish in your tank. If space allows for the addition of more fish, use multiples of 9 (9, 18, 27 etc). 3 is another good Feng Shui number and 3 fish will still deliver good Feng Shui in a small aquarium.

How many fish is too many? ›

While the one inch of fish per gallon rule is a reasonable yardstick, it has its flaws. To be safe, with big-bodied fish like goldfish and cichlids, one inch of fish per two gallons of water is a safer rule to go by.

How many fish is lucky in aquarium? ›

Feng shui considers 9 as the lucky number of fishes to keep in a tank or aquarium.

Do fish have feelings? ›

Nerves, brain structure, brain chemistry and behaviour – all evidence indicates that, to varying degrees, fish can feel pain, fear and psychological stress.

What is the fastest small fish? ›

Bonefish are a smaller type of fish that can swim up to 40 miles per hour. They move from tropical inshore waters to shallow mud or sand flats in order to feed.

What is the friendliest fish? ›

The Friendliest Fish

Batfish are very curious and typically inquisitive with divers. Popular dive sites such as wrecks are often known for resident fish. These residents will follow divers around during their dive and often play in the exhaust bubbles.

What is the coolest fish to own? ›

10 Amazing Fish You Can Keep as Pets
  • Bettas. ...
  • Plecostomus. ...
  • Discus. ...
  • Swordtail. ...
  • Pearl Gourami. ...
  • Zebra Danios. ...
  • Neon Tetras. ...
  • Guppies. Guppies, like danios, are a hugely popular aquarium fish thanks to their wide variety of colours and patterns, as well as their easy-going temperament.
Oct 29, 2020

What is the cheapest fish to take care of? ›

Top 10 budget-friendly fish
  • Barbs. The barb group's made up of a huge range of species, and there are some stunning colours and patterns among them. ...
  • Tetras. Great looking and low maintenance, this freshwater species can make a wonderful addition to your home. ...
  • Swordtails. ...
  • Molly fish. ...
  • Algae eaters. ...
  • Bettas. ...
  • Danios.

What fish does not need a filter? ›

Popular species include the Dwarf gourami, Pearl gourami, and Moonlight gourami. Like betta fish, gouramis are labyrinth fish, meaning they can breathe oxygen from the air as well as water. This gives them a real advantage when living in low-oxygen environments, like the shallow pools that they come from in Asia.

Which fish cleans the tank? ›

Suckermouthed catfish like Common and Sailfin Plecos, Bristlenose and Otocinclus all graze algae and will “clean” the tank of it, but they do also need food in their own right if they are to grow, stay healthy and thrive.

Which fish is king of aquarium? ›

A discus is a type of cichlid. It's known as the “King of the Aquarium Fish.”

What fish look good in blue light? ›

GloFish® fluorescent fish add an alluring array of brilliant colors to any aquarium. Neither injected with dye nor painted, GloFish get their stunning color from a fluorescence gene, and are best viewed under a blue light.

What is the most playful fish? ›


Oscars are intelligent fish that hail from South America. They look a little bit grumpy with their puffy, downward-slanting lips, but they're actually quite lively and playful.

What fish has the biggest personality? ›

When it comes to personality, puffers just take the prize.

Can fishes feel pain? ›

Fish do feel pain. It's likely different from what humans feel, but it is still a kind of pain.” At the anatomical level, fish have neurons known as nociceptors, which detect potential harm, such as high temperatures, intense pressure, and caustic chemicals.

How many fish can live together? ›

One of the most important factors that comes into keeping fish in tanks or ponds is how many fish you can get away with keeping in one system. The tried and true rule of how many fish per gallon is: 1″ of fish per gallon of water.

Can fish love each other? ›

Researchers have found that fish recognize each other and gather information by eavesdropping. They're capable of remembering past social interactions that they've had with other fish, and they show affection by rubbing against each other.

Do fish like being with other fish? ›

Prior to placing different species of fish together in the same tank, you need to first find out if they compatible and can live together. The reality is that not all species of fish can live with each other. And there's a danger of them fighting with each other and even fighting each other when they are incompatible.

Do fish and milk go together? ›

Scientifically speaking, there is no reason why we should avoid eating fish and dairy together. And you can find many recipes that incorporate both together, like baked fish with a cream-based sauce.

What are the top 5 best fish? ›

The top 10 healthy fish to include in your diet:
  1. Salmon. Salmon is versatile and one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acid, which is essential as the body cannot make it on its own so it must be obtained through food. ...
  2. Mackerel. ...
  3. Cod. ...
  4. Trout. ...
  5. Sardines. ...
  6. Crab. ...
  7. Haddock. ...
  8. Tuna.
Oct 5, 2021

What is the number 1 fish in the world? ›

Whale shark

What is the easiest smallest fish? ›

Some of the easiest fish to take care of include white cloud minnows, cherry barbs, goldfish, guppies, neon tetras, and cory catfish. All of these species are relatively peaceful, non-demanding fish that do well in a beginning fish tank.

What fish can I keep in a 5 gallon tank? ›

This guide will help you understand which fish and other critters are suitable, and the best fish for your 5 gallon tank.
  • Chili Rasboras (Boraras brigittae) ...
  • Endler's Livebearer (Poecilia wingei) ...
  • Fancy Guppy (Poecilia reticulata) ...
  • Betta (Betta splendens) ...
  • Killifish. ...
  • Dwarf Pea Puffer (Carinotetraodon travancoricus)
Aug 17, 2022

What is a nano fish? ›

NANO FISH are fish that grow less than two inches and are suitable for aquariums as small as 10 gallons. The amount of fish that an aquarium can safely support is relative to the level of filtration, maintenance, and feeding.

What fish can live in a 5 gallon tank without a heater? ›

10 Best Coldwater Fish That Don't Need a Heater
  • Sunset Variatus Platy. ...
  • Celestial Pearl Danio. ...
  • Rainbow Shiner. ...
  • Hillstream Loach. ...
  • Endler's Livebearer. ...
  • Clown Killifish. ...
  • Cherry Shrimp. ...
  • Dojo Loach.

What is a very small fish called? ›

Small (baby) fishes are called as fry or hatchling. They are the young animal that recently hatched out from the egg.

What are mini fish called? ›

A variety of shiners, daces, minnows, and chubs offer examples of sub-families (groups of similar fishes within the family) of the small silvery fish that we commonly think of when we say 'minnow. ' These species are diverse with many descriptively colorful names such as sand, spottail, blacknose, or emerald shiners.

Is there a pencil fish? ›

Nannostomus, (from the Greek: nanos = small, and the Latin: stomus = relating to the mouth), is a genus of fish belonging to the characin family Lebiasinidae.

What is a cyclops fish? ›

Cyclops are tiny copepods, or crustaceans, that are found in many freshwater and saltwater bodies of water. They derive their name from the single eye located in the middle of their head.

Can there be hybrid fish? ›

Most hybrid fish are sterile so they aren't distinct or new species, merely a combination of the two parental species, usually created by humans. In relatively rare cases, fish hybridization occurs naturally, but this isn't necessarily a good thing.


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