15+ Companies that offer Campervan Hire in Portugal (2023)

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If you’ve ever dreamt of spending a week, month, or even longer travelling by campervan then you’re in luck. There are an increasing number of Portuguese and international companies that have campervans for hire in Portugal.

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Travelling by campervan is a fun way to explore Portugal, and it’s a great way to thoroughly explore the country. Portugal is very campervan-friendly and, as well as campsites, many people wildcamp in carparks and open spaces around the country (although this is technically illegal, but tolerated at certain times of the year).

Travelling by campervancan also be an affordable way to travel, although it’s definitely not the cheapest way to see Portugal on a budget. Most companies charge between €30-150 per night for campervan hire, which is much more than it would normally cost to rent an Airbnb or cheap hostel and travel by public transport. Unless you’re travelling as part of a group, there are cheaper ways to get around Portugal. However, it is a unique experience and sometimes unique experiences are worth paying extra for.

Motorhome or campervan travel is more about the experience more than anything else. It’s about waking up in a new place every morning, getting away from hotels and apartment rentals, and getting to see parts of the world that you might not otherwise. If that sounds like your perfect trip, here are some companies that offer campervan hire in Portugal.

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1. Airbnb

You may not know this but you can rent campervans and motorhomes through Airbnb, and there are hundreds of them dotted around Portugal. Many campervan companies also have a profile on Airbnb as well, and so many people prefer to book through Airbnb for the protection that it offers them.

Prices start from around €30 per night, which is much cheaper than most of the professional camper companies where prices are typically in the €80-€150 price range. You can also easily see reviews from people who have rented with that host previously.

  • Locations: Nationwide
  • Prices: Varies

See a full list of campervans (in Portugal) on Airbnb here.

2. Oceancamper

15+ Companies that offer Campervan Hire in Portugal (2)

OceanCamper is a small campervan company based in Faro — ideal if you’re planning on exploring the Algarve and nearby Alentejo. Unlike many other campervan companies, their vans do not have logos or advertising on the side which is good news for those who want to be discreet.

Campervans come equipped with camping equipment, a cleaning kit, and bedding. It’s possible to add on extras like a surfboard, guitar, a mini heater, or wifi. Free pickup and drop-off is available from Faro Airport.

  • Locations: Algarve
  • Prices: From €29

Oceancamper campers can be booked through Airbnb, and have excellent reviews from previous customers, or through their website oceancamper.com

3. Yescapa

Yescapa hopes to be an Airbnb for campervan rental where you can rent campervans, motorhomes, and RVs directly from other people rather than from companies.

Prices in Portugal start from around €30 per night, and you can rent everything from converted vans, family-size motorhomes, campervans, and traditional VW vans.

  • Locations: Nationwide
  • Prices: Varies

Campervans can be booked through yescapa.com.

4. How (Hostel on Wheels)

15+ Companies that offer Campervan Hire in Portugal (3)

Hostels on Wheels provide campervan rental in Portugal and Spain.Campervans, which are mainly Fiat Ducatos, are suitable for 4-5 persons and include integrated GPS, electricity, kitchen, and a security safe.

Extra facilities and add-ons include a wifi router, table and chairs, surfboard, wetsuit, bluetooth speaker, foldable bike, and board games.

  • Locations: Lisbon, Porto, Faro, and Madrid, Granada,Málaga, Seville,La Coruña,Santiago de Compostela, and Vigo in Spain.
  • Prices: From €69

Hostel on Wheels can be booked through Airbnb or through their website howcampers.com.

5. OLX

OLX is the Portuguese equivalent of Craiglist or Gumtree and, if you can’t find a good value camper on Airbnb, Yescapa, or through any of the campervan rental companies, it could be worth looking for a camper on OLX. This is definitely true during the summer months when prices can reach €150 per day or even higher.

While OLX can be cheaper, the downside is that renting directly usually means giving up on certain securities. Listings also don’t have reviews from previous guests like they do on Airbnb and Yescapa.

  • Locations: Nationwide
  • Prices: Varies

A full list of campervans, caravans, and other vehicles for rent can be found at olx.pt

6. Auto Europe

Auto Euro is a car rental comparison site that also allows you to compare the cost of motorhome and campervan rental from a select number of companies in Portugal like Indie Campers or McRent.

The results normally include a mixture of campervans and motorhomes, suitable for 2-6 persons.

  • Locations: Lisbon, Porto, Faro, and Coimbra
  • Prices: From €79

A full list of vehicles for rent can be found at autoeuropemotorhomes.com

7. Motorhome Republic

Motorhome Republic is a large international motorhome comparison website that allows you to book motorhome rentals in the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and, of course, Portugal.

Motorhome Republic compares prices from several rental companies including Black Sheep, Pure Motorhomes, McRent, Euromotorhome, and Big Sky.

  • Locations: Lisbon, Porto, Faro
  • Prices: Varies

For more information visit motorhomerepublic.com

8. The Getaway Van

Based in Porto, The Getaway Van offers a fleet of Ford Transit vans, with space for four people, for rent. All the vans come with essentials like a shower, a kitchen, blackout blinds, bed linen, and cooking utensils.

  • Locations: Porto
  • Prices: From €45

Campers can be booked through Airbnb or direct at the-getaway-van.com

9. Camptoo

Camptoo is another Airbnb for campervans and motorhomes and, like Yescapa, you can rent all sorts of vehicles from small campervans to large motorhomes. As well as Portugal, Camptoo is also available in other European countries like Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, and Italy.

  • Locations: Nationwide
  • Prices: Varies

For more information visit camptoo.com

10. Camper King Portugal

Camper King Portugal offers campervans for hire in mainland Portugal, and the campervans can be collected from Lisbon, Faro, and Porto.

  • Locations: Lisbon, Faro, Porto
  • Prices: From €49

For more information, visit camperkingportugal.com

11. Portugal By Van

Portugal By Van offers modern vans that have been converted into campervans for hire. The company is based just outside of Lisbon, but the vans can be delivered to Lisbon Airport, Porto, and Faro. Available extras include a solar shower, BBQ, child car seat, surfboards, and bodyboards.

  • Locations: Lisbon
  • Prices: From €45

For more information, visit portugalbyvan.com

12. Fly N’ Surf

Fly N’ Surf is a campervan and surfboard rental company that offers campervans for hire in Lisbon, Porto, and Faro. The campervans are mainly vans that have been converted into campervans, and include a large bed and storage area.

Winter rates start from around €36 per day during the low season (Mid November – Mid March), which is perfect for those trying to get the campervan experience on a budget.

  • Locations: Lisbon, Porto, Faro

For more information, visit Flynsurf.com

13. Algarve Campers

Algarve Campers is a Dutch-owned company that offers motorhomes for hire near Faro. Motorhome facilities include a shower, toilet, crockery and cutlery, refrigerator, stove, and aircon.

  • Locations: Faro
  • Prices: From $97 per day

For more information, visit Algarvecampers.com

14. Indie Campers

15+ Companies that offer Campervan Hire in Portugal (4)

Indie Campers offer campervans for hire in several different countries, including Italy, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, the UK, and Portugal. The vans available are typically large and modern, and guests can also book extras like wetsuits, paddleboards, surfboards, portable heaters, and snowchains.

  • Locations: Lisbon, Porto, Faro
  • Prices: From €39

For more information, visit Indiecampers.com

West Coast Campers

West Coast Campers offer campervan hire in Spain and Portugal from a fleet that includesFiat Ducatos,Renault Trafics, andMercedes-Benz Sprinters. Accessories include a gas cooker, cooler, functional kitchen with sink, and kitchen utensils.

This company is part of the same company as Indie Campers.

  • Locations: Lisbon, Porto, Faro, and Seville and Malaga in Spain.
  • Prices: From €39

For more information, visit westcoastcampers.com/en

15. Siesta Campers

Siesta Campers offer classic and modern VW campervans and motorhomes for rent in Lisbon, Faro, and Porto. The campervans sleep between 2 and 5 people, and are ideal for couples or young families.

Note: The classic campers are restricted to Lisbon and Algarve so, if you’re planning to travel to northern parts of Portugal, you should rent one of the modern models.

  • Locations: Lisbon, Porto, Faro
  • Prices: From €50

Siesta Campers can be booked direct from Siestacampers.com


Vanscape is a Portuguese motorhome rental company based atLisboa Camping, a campsite on the outskirts of Lisbon. The company offers stylish motorhomes for hire, and each motorhome is equipped with a fridge, solar panel, cooker, cooking utensils, and a water heater.Guests can also add extras to their booking like a GPS system, wifi router, surfboard, bicycle, or tent.

  • Locations: Lisbon, Porto
  • Prices: From €100

Vanscape campers can be booked through Airbnb or direct at Vanscape.pt

Black Sheep Campervans

Black Sheep Campervans is a French campervan hire company that offers campervan rentals throughout Western Europe including Portugal. The campervans are available for collection from either Lisbon or Porto, and include essentials like a shower system, picnic table and chairs, stove, and USB ports.

  • Locations: Lisbon, Porto
  • Prices: From €99

For more information, visit Blacksheep-van.com


How much does it cost to rent a camper van in Portugal? ›

How much does it cost to rent a campervan in Portugal? The price of campervan rental in Portugal ranges between €50 per night during the low season to €175 per night during the summertime. The price of motorhome rental is a bit higher ranging between €90 to €225.

Can you park a campervan anywhere in Portugal? ›

Wild camping is still banned on lands belonging to the Natura 2000 network, protected areas and areas covered by the Coastal Development Plans. Violations on these lands can result in a fine between 120 to 600 euros.

Can you live in a van in Portugal? ›

With the rise of vanlife in Portugal, there are many campervan and motorhome rental companies from which you can rent a van. Two of the more popular companies include Indie Campers and Siesta Campers, who have depots in Lisbon, Porto, and Faro.

Can you hire a camper van in France? ›

And, with one-way rentals, you can travel to unique places, like the French Riviera . Traveling by campervan gives you the freedom to explore the most incredible wilderness and vibrant culture of France. Rent your campervan or RV in France and experience l'art de vivre–the art of living.

How much should I spend on a camper van? ›

Older, used vans may cost $25,000 or less but include far fewer amenities and comforts. DIY van conversions tend to cost between $10,000 and $50,000 not including the van itself, depending on materials used and components included.

How much money do you need to live in a camper van? ›

To give you a very rough idea of monthly van life costs, some of the van lifers we know spend as little as $800/month while a good number of van lifers we know spend around $1500-$2000/month.

Can you camp for free in Portugal? ›

Portugal is one of the best countries for free camping in western Europe. There are lots of places where it's possible to free camp, either by the beach or further inland. The Portuguese have officially banned free camping in the Algarve. Yet outside of summer the police do tolerate responsible free camping.

Can I sleep on the beach in Portugal? ›

Wild camping in Portugal

It is forbidden to stay overnight in the coastline (in front of the beach), in all natural protected areas, natural reserves and parks (marked with dark green in google maps, e.g. Costa Vicentina Natural Park), and also places that have specific signs saying campervans are not allowed.

Where can I park my camper van in Lisbon? ›

We recommend Parque Florestal de Monsanto. Within its 10km of natural beauty, you will also find the Parque Municipal de Campismo de Monsanto, a great place to park your campervan overnight.

How long can you live in Portugal without residency? ›

Can American citizens move to Portugal? Technically you're allowed to enter the country visa-free and stay there for up to 90 days. If you wish to live there long-term, then you need to get a residence permit.

Can I live in Portugal and not be tax resident? ›

According to the Portuguese tax law in force since January 2015, an individual is deemed to be resident in Portugal for tax purposes if one meets either of the following conditions: Spends more than 183 days, consecutive or not, in Portugal in any 12-month period starting or ending in the fiscal year concerned.

Do Americans need an international drivers license to rent a car in Portugal? ›

Americans are not required by law to obtain an international driving permit to drive a rental car in Portugal. Short term visitors staying less than six months in the country can drive their rental with a valid US license.

Can a person live in a camper van? ›

Yes, it is possible to live full-time in a camper van or small RV. Depending on the size of your family, full-time living might require a little extra planning to ensure there is adequate space for everyone. Many camper vans are perfect for solo RVers, couples, and even small families.

Do you need a special license to drive an RV in Europe? ›

5. Do I Need a Special License to Drive an RV in Europe? At a minimum, most European countries require a passport and your regular driver's license. Depending on the country you're visiting, you may also need an International Driver's Permit.

Do people use campers in Europe? ›

In many ways European RVing is similar to the US, and in others very different. First of all RV's are called motorhomes, campervans or camping cars in Europe. They tend to be much smaller (~20-26 ft in size), have no slides and no air-conditioning (typically) and use little cassette toilets instead of black tanks.

How many miles is too many for a campervan? ›

What is high mileage for a motorhome? If you're in the market for a used motorhome, one with mileage between 100,000 and 200,000 is considered high.

What gas mileage does a camper van get? ›

Expect 7 – 13 average miles per gallon. Do you own a Class B van camper? You get the best fuel economy, with 18 – 25 average miles per gallon.

How many miles per gallon does a camper van do? ›

Campervans will get anywhere from 20 to 28 mpg on the highway, while their gas-guzzling RV counterparts boast an impressive 8 to 12 mpg on the highway. It's simple – save the planet (and your wallet), drive a campervan.

Is it cheaper to live in a camper than a house? ›

Living in an RV can be cheaper than traditional home ownership because RVs require less space and utility usage, resulting in lower costs for heating, cooling, and maintenance. Additionally, RV living encourages a simpler and more minimalist lifestyle that can lead to fewer expenses related to possessions.

Is it financially smart to live in an RV? ›

It is financially smart to live in an RV. Living in an RV means living a lot smaller with a lot less stuff. You have less room for everything – clothes, toys, tools and more saving you a lot of money. Along with less space, you save on utilities and home-improvement projects if you own your home.

Is it cheaper to live in van life? ›

Living in a van is typically cheaper, but it really depends on your spending habits. Rent is very expensive, especially in coastal cities, so moving into a van might seem like a great way to save money. But van life is not a magic bullet to solving your financial problems.

Can I go to Portugal alone? ›

Yes! In recent years, Portugal has become one of the safest countries in Europe. Violent crime is almost nonexistent and petty crimes like pickpocketing happen very rarely too. Portugal is safe and there are no known areas to avoid, but always be aware of your surroundings and take precautions when travelling at night.

How can I legally stay in Portugal? ›

Portugal Residence Permit Requirements
  1. Valid passport.
  2. Two recent identity pictures in line with Portugal visa photo requirements.
  3. Application form (when initially applying for your residency visa).
  4. Valid residence visa (the 3-4 month-long visa before you apply for your permit).
  5. Evidence of sufficient financial means.

How much does it cost to camp in Portugal? ›

Campground costs in Portugal

Depending on the camping ground, the cost for one night with a tent will be around €5. Outside the season, it's sometimes half price. For really posh places, you can end up paying around €20 per night. Sometimes, there is an extra cost for using the showers.

What time do Portuguese people go to sleep? ›

Portuguese are the third latest risers on the planet, with research saying they wait until 8.10am to get out of bed. This is only beaten by Greece (8.18am) and Saudi Arabia (8.22am). On average, Portuguese head to bed at 00.47am, 25 minutes before Iranians, who are the last to go to bed, according to the research.

Can you drink the water on Portugal? ›

Drinking tap water in Portugal is considered safe in all regions and the water meets all EU standards. Lisbon tap water is of a medium hardness, rich in minerals and has chlorine added during treatment. It can have a strong taste, so most Lisbon residents drink bottled water and use tap water for most everything else.

Can you drink tap water in Portugal hotels? ›

The short answer is: yes, you can drink the tap water in Portugal. It isn't as nice as tap water from other parts of the world (Ireland and Scotland, for example), but it's perfectly safe to drink. What is this? You'll see plenty of Portuguese people buying bottled water, but that's just because it tastes nicer.

Can I sleep in my van at a campsite? ›

Can I Sleep in My Car at a Campground? Many campgrounds, including some KOAs, will welcome guests who choose to sleep in their car at a campsite. It's always a good idea to call ahead so that you ensure you're reserving the right type of site for you car camping adventure.

Can you sleep anywhere in a campervan in Italy? ›

In Italy you can stay overnight at normal parking areas, including those along the motorways. Wild camping and motorhoming is also permitted, with the consent of the landowner.

Can you sleep anywhere in a campervan Spain? ›

Wild Camping in Spain

In essence this means that you can park, eat, and sleep anywhere you wish but you cannot extend your camping area outside of your van or motorhome. From the outside, it must look as if your van is simply parked: no camp chairs or tables, no awning, no barbeques, and no electric generator use.

Where do most American expats live in Portugal? ›

Where do American expats live in Portugal? Expat life in Portugal is a dream. The biggest American expat communities are Lisbon, the Algarve, and Porto. Compared to some other European countries, Portugal manages to balance a high quality of life with a low cost of living.

Can a US citizen have dual citizenship with Portugal? ›

Since Portugal and the US both allow dual citizenship, you may keep both your Portuguese passport and your American one.

How long can I stay in Portugal with a US passport? ›

U.S. citizens may enter Portugal for up to 90 days for tourism or business without a visa. Your passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the period of stay. If you plan on transiting a Schengen country, review our U.S. Travelers in Europe page.

Will my US pension be taxed in Portugal? ›

If you registered as a non-habitual resident before 31 March 2020, your foreign source pension income is generally tax-free. If you are registered from April 2020 onwards, your foreign pension income is generally taxed at 10%.

Do I pay US taxes if I live in Portugal? ›

US Expat Taxes in Portugal

If you're living abroad in Portugal, you'll need to file both US taxes and Portugal taxes.

Does Portugal allow dual residency? ›

Does Portugal Allow Dual Citizenship? Portugal allows dual citizenship. Only if the applicant's home country does not allow it, the applicant may have to renounce their citizenship of their own country.

Can an 80 year old rent a car in Portugal? ›

The minimum age to rent a car in Portugal is 18 years old. The maximum rental age is 80 years old. Please see age policy details below. Cars available for rent include Mini, Economy, and Compact.

How do you pay for gas in Portugal? ›

You can always pay by cash but some fuel stations after a certain hour will only be available if you pay directly at the pump with a credit or debit card. If possible the pay at the pump method is the best as the instructions are given to you in your language of choice.

Is it difficult to drive in Portugal? ›

Driving in Portugal is fairly easy. The only difficulty might be in the city centres where the streets are very narrow and the roads are made of cobblestone. The motorways are all quite new and so the road conditions are extremely good and if you don't mind paying for tolls, you will get around very quickly.

What is the downside of van life? ›

You can't park anywhere you like, and sometimes finding a spot can be a problem. Parking in some places may be unwanted or even illegal. Unfortunately, not many cities are van life-friendly, meaning if you get caught sleeping in your van at an inconvenient spot, you may have to pay a penalty.

What campers can you live in full-time? ›

Top travel trailers for full-time living
  • Jayco Jay Feather 27BHB. Jayco is known for its high quality RVs with excellent construction quality, top notch materials, superb quality control, and an extensive warranty. ...
  • Forest River Alpha Wolf 30RDB-L. ...
  • Airstream Classic 30RB. ...
  • Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS.

What are people who live in vans called? ›

The term “van life” is pretty self-explanatory—it literally means living out of a van. But the lifestyle behind it is so much more than that. Using a van as a mobile home, van dwellers (also called nomads) are able to live a simple life that allows them to travel the world on their own schedules.

Can you use an American RV in Europe? ›

You can drive an North American RV in Europe. However, there are a lot of things to consider. First, you'll need to ship the RV to Europe. Then, you'll want to consider the significant differences between European RVs and North American RVs we will discuss later in this article.

What is a Class B driver's license in Europe? ›

B licence holders who are at least 21 years of age are allowed to drive motor tricycles (including three-wheeled motorcycles with a power exceeding 15 kilowatts (20 hp) in the following countries: France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Spain and Poland (after three years of B licence ...

Can I drive a Class A motorhome with a regular license USA? ›

If your Class A RV is less than 26,000 pounds and 40 feet in length, you're likely fine to drive with your regular driver's license. However, if your Class A motorhome exceeds that limit, you may need to take an RV safety course or get a CDL to operate it on the road.

Is France campervan friendly? ›

France is just perfect for a road trip and campervan travel. We travelled for 12 months full-time through Europe by motorhome and have to say that France was the country most well equipped for motorhome, campervan and RV life. We also lived in France for 9 months and experienced French village life in the Dordogne.

What do Americans call campers? ›

RV (Recreational Vehicle)

RV is an umbrella term popular in North America used to describe motorised vehicles used for camping. RV can be used to refer to both motorhomes and campervans.

Can you drive a campervan around Europe? ›

The beauty of travelling Europe in a campervan is that you can also make it up as you go along. Prioritise the countries and sights you want to see and adjust your Europe itinerary as you go.

How much is it to rent a campervan in Europe? ›

Renting a campervan in Europe is not cheap. The average cost for an RV rental is between 100 to 150 euros per day.

Why are cars so expensive to rent in Portugal? ›

Most cars in Portugal have manual transmission which means that automatic cars are in short supply and therefore are more expensive to hire, usually double the price. What to do about this: If you're not used to driving a manual car, it's not that bad really.

How much does it cost to travel the country in a camper? ›

But, if you take the straightest route possible from one end of the country to the other, a good middle-ground for 2022 is around $2000 ($4000 round-trip). That is, of course, right in the middle. Large motorhomes will cost more, and small campervans may cost considerably less.

How long can I travel around Europe in a motorhome? ›

It was a big relief to discover that if you're simply touring the country in your camper, you don't need a visa for short trips to most EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. You'll be able to stay for up to 90 days in any 180-day period – more than enough for a decent European exploration.

Can you hire a camper van in Europe? ›

Yes, major European campervan or motorhome hire suppliers offer one-way rentals. Just take note that you may encounter toll roads across Europe. Check out our website and see available pick-up or any drop-off location for you.

Can I drive in Portugal with a US license? ›

U.S. Citizens are entitled to drive in Portugal with their U.S. issued driver's license for a period no to exceed 185 days, provided they are not legal residents.

Can I rent a car in Portugal with a US driver's license? ›

Americans are not required by law to obtain an international driving permit to drive a rental car in Portugal. Short term visitors staying less than six months in the country can drive their rental with a valid US license.

Is RV travel cheaper than hotels? ›

What is this? Even private campgrounds are usually significantly cheaper than hotels. This is especially true near major attractions, like theme parks or other busy destinations. Granted, some RV parks with high-end amenities can be the same price or more, but campgrounds are cheaper than hotels for the most part.

Is it cheaper to live in an RV or a house? ›

Living in an RV can be cheaper than traditional home ownership because RVs require less space and utility usage, resulting in lower costs for heating, cooling, and maintenance. Additionally, RV living encourages a simpler and more minimalist lifestyle that can lead to fewer expenses related to possessions.

How to travel cheap in a camper? ›

Yes, you can keep RV living costs low. Just follow our top 5 secrets to cheap RV living.
  1. Prioritize and budget. Decide what is important to you, and what you need to be happy and comfortable in your RV. ...
  2. Save money on campsite fees. ...
  3. Go boondocking. ...
  4. Do your basic RV and tow vehicle maintenance. ...
  5. Eat well at home!
Sep 5, 2020

Can you walk around a campervan while driving? ›

Just remember, although it may be tempting to roam around these vehicles whilst they are in transit, the safest and legal way to travel is sat down and buckled up! If you need any other advice, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Is Spain campervan friendly? ›

Wild camping in a motorhome in Spain

Like much of Europe, wild camping in Spain for motorhomes and campers is 'tolerated' in many places but not strictly legal and it's certainly not a right. Many people seem to think they can turn up and park wherever they want, but this is not the case.


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